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Today was the day I fancied  both to continue and discontinue Nord after a long hiatus.

Because I wasn't around theming in the 3.10 cycle I missed and forgot that the border-image property no longer works everywhere; making the refresh I put so much effort into to bring to Nord 1.8 utterly useless and sadly might be ending the journey for the most popular GS theme in dA.

Unfortunately, the CSS capabilities in GS were far too limited to begin with so I can't even replicate the graphics with a mere box-shadow, which can be used only once, and without images I'm only left with the option to simply recolor and keep it simple ... totally not my style.

One option I see is to learn JS and extension-making and extend the theming capabilities (I think it can be done) but I'm far less experienced right now and the ones who can do it are making pretty unimaginative extensions (no offense).

I still have some ideas to test but currently making Nord 1.12 like I designed it last year is NOT possible. I'll consider some modifications but that would probably suck.

Lastly, I'm not saying this for you to hate on GNOME, I don't know what motivated them to cripple it and I want to know why but I respect the excellent effort they put into the releases. This post is an announcement and an explanation not intended to spark a hate war on anyone. So keep that in mind while commenting , please.
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zagortenay333 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Well if this isnīt a time to play the devils advocate.(No pun intended.)
Cinnamon lets you use border-image aaanywhere you like Flynn: ... hi! 
0rAX0 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Sadly, Cinnamon isn't a good example of a desktop for me. People like it, I don't. :)
kexolino Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
I'd be interested to hear what a good example of a desktop is for you (or why you consider Gnome one, if you do).

As for what Gnome is doing with its design... I'm probably one of the few people who like 3.4. It seems like the most consistent GTK and Gnome release to me, if that makes sense (not too much difference between the look of GTK2 and GTK3 apps, the Shell working well even with many extensions, etc). To that point, in my eyes, things were going uphill, and from 3.6, downhill. There's somehow too much fragmentation or inconsistency, if that's a better word for it, mostly with the GTK2/3 mess, but now even between GTK3 apps there's inconsistency with the header bar, some support it, some don't, and TBH I wish nobody did, because it looks bad outside of Gnome. About Gnome's icon theme... I think it's ugly, but I STFU b/c I can't make icons.

But maybe I care to much for consistency :P It's one of the reasons I can never keep using KDE for longer times, it just hurts to mix Qt and GTK apps.
0rAX0 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Hmm, to put it simply: GNOME is made by designers, Cinnamon is made by developers. True, it can look good and does have the same code as GS when it comes to menus and such, so it does look modern-ish. But it's (the whole desktop) not well designed.

I like 3.12, the only things I don't like about newer releases is how theming is limited, the rest is awesome! :)
And I use the Maximus extension to hide the titlebar for most apps so they all look less fragmented. But having said that, I'd also argue that it's not GNOME's fault, the 3rd-party devs are lacking behind. :\
xterminador Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
IMHO You are correct about Cinnamon, and I'm waiting for the next version of the nord theme that is one of my favorites
for gnome-shell
nekron29 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
It is somenthing to be expected as the gnome devs do not encourage the usage of alernative themes for the Shell or for the GTK/Icon theme. That is the reason why we always need to use Gnome Tweak to change these or use the command line via "gsettings". You are not alone in this situation as bimsebasse mentioned; here is a reaction from Mattias the Zukitwo creator back when 3.10 was released -… or another one here -… or the moment Half Left decided to ditch Gnome Shell themes and go with KDE -…
This is not about hate but about the Gnome devs being developers and not designers; they are happy with the default theme and because of that they built a wall that get's higher with each release for the theme developers to climb on; at minimal they don't care or they are doing this on purpose; If I take into consideration the fact that they are saying that they want to build a brand, the end result is at best a boring looking one with no option for the end users - again as Half Left is saying here -…
Unfortunately even after 3 years of the initial launch Gnome & GTK 3 are not stable, nor 100% functional.
0rAX0 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the input nekron29

The default theme is just so simple and the theming engine (as crappy as it is) is enough for it. That's why no one cares about 3rd party themes.
nekron29 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
exactly! if you use the stock setup everthing is fine with the exception of the inevitable application bugs. The moment you start adding extensions and start changing themes, things are truly getting interesting in a bad way off-course. From my point of view Gnome 3 is Alpha level software and should be treated as such. Cheers!
0rAX0 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Besides the limitations, I've never had the feeling that GNOME 3 is alpha level software.
bimsebasse Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Do you mind sharing what you have so far or is it a mess? I've sort of hit a dead end with my projects too :/
0rAX0 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
No, not yet. I only half-ported the panel and the menus. Everything else is either broken or still using the default styles.
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